joi, 20 februarie 2014

I'm Writing to You Again, Instead I Kiss You

I'm writing to you  again, instead I  kiss you. 

the words  replaced my skin and my flesh 

I became too lyrical 

I'm writing  with rains and butterflies. I'm old-fashioned. I turn  off  the lights, baby. 

I do not know  to give myself to anyone else  with my hot essence

I  don't know how to break the fear with my orgasm as a whip 

I told you, that is still a revelation 

we don't need our skins anymore

we just need a simple rain.  

the crows guard my mornings. and  my memory. 

I'm writing to you again. you told me 

those are just words. somewhere, something is bleeding

but I don't know what it is

I'm crunching my death to the core

instead to kiss you.


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